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Shot Draft

Morevna opens her eyes and turns her head to Ivan. An expression of suprprise appears on her face.


First Drafts

Here's first attempts to draw something for that shot.

Version 1:

Demo26-1.jpg Demo26-2.jpg

Version 2 (a little bit better):

Demo26-3.jpg Demo26-4.jpg

Animatic Drafts

As a base I've got a first draft from Version 2 (above). Then I draw a base sequence showing that I need:

1. Morevna is flying in the air, face up, in slow motion.


2. She opens her eyes


3. She turns her head towards us (looking on Ivan)


4. An expression of suprprise appears on her face.


I need the artwork of Morevna for all 4 keyframes of the sequence. It's a complex task, because there is a headturn here. You don't need to strictly follow the drafts (they are disproportional in some kind). I wanted to express the general feeling for that shot. But please try to keep general composition.


Demo26-9.jpg Demo26-10.jpg

Demo26-11.jpg Demo26-12.jpg

Demo26-13.jpg Demo26-14.jpg