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  • Gender: Male.
  • Age: 18.
  • Height: 1,75 m.
  • Hairs: Orange.
  • Eyes: Green.
  • Zodiac sign: Leo.
  • Formula: “Shake it, break it, fix it, take it”.

In Russian folklore

Ivan Tsarevich, Ivan the Prince. The main hero of Russian folklore, owner of magic abilities, who defeated various monsters and enemies.

In this movie

He definitely could be identified as a smart guy. Not genius, but smart and that’s suits him.

His parents died and he managed to raise his three sisters undertaking the role of elder brother (while not being the elder at all). Not too confident and not always aware about his own actions, but he is not a looser at all. When it comes to his devotions or justice he rarely will stand apart. His main passion - a car tuning. Also have a knowledge in electronics and cybernetics. Generally he’s just exposed to curiosity to know how the things works. Not paying much attention to his own reputation and never holding his emotions.

Character layout

Ivan 21.jpg Characters Proportions - Morevna and Ivan.png


Ivan 15.jpg Ivan 16.jpg Ivan 17.jpg Ivan 18.jpg Ivan 19.jpg


Front view:

Ivan 11.jpg Ivan 12.jpg

Side view:

Ivan 13.jpg Ivan 14.jpg


Ivan 20.jpg


First layout (deprecated now):

Ivan 1.png

Ivan 2.jpg

Expressions images by Banor:

Ivan expressions 1.jpg Ivan expressions 2.jpg Ivan expressions 3.jpg Ivan expressions 4.jpg Ivan expressions 5.jpg

Ivan expressions 6.png Ivan expressions 7.jpg Ivan expressions 8.jpg

Images of Ivan made by Nikolay Mamashev. Not something what I expect, different style, but still they are interesting.

Ivan 5.jpg Ivan 6.jpg Ivan 7.jpg Ivan 8.jpg

Some work on the cloth:

Ivan 9.jpg

Another image by Nikolay Mamashev:

Ivan 10.jpg

Zelgadis: Yay! I finally achieved the look which I would like to see as Ivan's concept! Of course it's just a rough draft, but this is the first time I more-less satisfied with his hairs for a long time... They aren't sticked to the head like in previous images. Also, notice the new shape of eyebrows. There are a few tricks what I discovered for myself during drawing those images, maybe I will be able to reproduce them in the drawing video. There's nothing special about them really, and maybe for someone they are obvious, but for me they are significant. For now at least. ^__^ Still, there is a looong way for me to improve my drawing skills... ^.^

Ivan 3.jpg Ivan 4.jpg


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